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The Benefits of Invisalign

For decades, the only choice when having your teeth straightened were traditional metal braces. Though functional, braces developed a reputation over the years. Some children fear going to school with them and many adults dread the idea of showing a metal-filled mouth each time they smile during a meeting at work. When Invisalign was introduced to the public in 2000, it challenged the common belief that the entire world must see your teeth are being straightened. These are some benefits that this alternative to braces offers.


While invisibility is the most obvious perk of Invisalign, this feature of the system is also its most appealing selling point. The aligners used for Invisalign are made from a clear plastic that is almost unnoticeable while being worn. Invisalign presents an opportunity for adults to have their teeth corrected without the embarrassment that is sometimes associated with having braces as an adult. With Invisalign, you can smile with confidence and know that your teeth are being straightened while doing so!

Fewer Restrictions

Braces come with a set of rules for foods you can and cannot eat. Anything that is too hard, chewy, and sticky are banned for those with braces. For many devastated children with a sweet tooth, this means a serious reduction in the amount of candy they can consume. However, adults also become frustrated with the food restrictions of braces. With Invisalign, wearers can simply remove their aligners and eat anything they crave!

Invisalign are also much easier to care for than metal braces. When someone wears Invisalign, they do not have to worry about food particles becoming lodged in their teeth. Instead, they simply brush their teeth at night, clean their aligners, and then place them back in their mouth. It’s that simple! Because Invisalign is removable and easier to clean, the risk of cavities is lower and damage to the teeth is much less likely.

Safety and Comfort

Invisalign is generally a less painful experience than braces. Because Invisalign has no metal, it will not come loose and scratch or irritate the mouth like braces occasionally do. The smooth plastic of Invisalign will not irritate your teeth and gums like the metal wires of braces do. Additionally, physical activity is safer with Invisalign as collisions will not cause damage to the mouth as seen with braces. Children with Invisalign don’t have to worry about playing sports at school and active adults can exercise without the stress of protecting their mouth.

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