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Janet Honored as Top Provider & Speaker

My deepest gratitude to Stephanie Walden and Jerry Zilles of Propel Orthodontics for acknowledging my contributions to the dental community on June 5, 2019! Their acknowledgement was with regard to my enthusiasm for the use of the Propel PT driver. I first began the use of Propel in my practice approximately four years ago. I initially began in 2015 with the manual driver; after a few months, I moved quickly into the automatic Excellerator PT.

Additionally, I spared no expense or effort in flying all over the country to meet and study with the leaders of this accelerated treatment modality—including Drs. Shipley/Brigham/ Nicozisis, to mention a few—to sharpen my skills. I was amazed not only at the rapid results but also the predictability and excellence in difficult case after difficult case. I knew that I wanted my patients to have those beautiful results 2.3 times faster in Invisalign aligners over fixed braces.

Honestly, I was initially reluctant to use this treatment modality, fearing that my patients would view it as invasive and obtrusive. True, Propel is somewhat of a challenging appointment for the first evening, but the aesthetic and functional benefits far overshadow the minor inconvenience of one night in comparison. I soon discovered that one Propel patient often sent me 3-5 more Propel patients due to their excitement over their great result, which NEVER happened with my regular “braces” patients. I had new patients walking in my office telling me they were there for Propel with no knowledge about the scientific facts—all they knew was their friend was pumped about their result.

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When you find something special that brightens people’s lives, it’s hard not to want to share the “pearl” with others. That’s what brought me to lecture to my colleagues and to the dental society and other various groups/organizations. Lastly, I am most grateful that Propel was invented in 2010 and that NYU completed their most thorough research to authenticate this life-changing procedure.

Janet L. Vaughan, D.D.S., M.S.

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