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The Winning Entries of the Vaughan & Vaughan Father's Day Contest!

Corpus Christi Orthodontist Janet Vaughan standing with the Father's Day contest winners

Left to right: Brent Chesney, Gabriel Chesney, Dr. Janet, and Lydia

Because our Mother's Day contest was such a great way to show our love for all the amazing moms in our lives, our office decided to do another contest for all the amazing dads out there! We invited our patients to leave a card saying why their dad was the best. It was definitely difficult, but eventually our Corpus Christi orthodontists picked three truly amazing responses from some special patients. However, because so many people wrote entries that touched our hearts, we included two responses as Honorable Mentions!

Juliet wrote a response that earned our Honorable Mention award: "My dad is the best because he is my hero. He got wounded in the military, doing his duty to protect our country. I'm very proud of all he's done for us and still does." Our other Honorable Mention, Addyson, says, "My dad is the best because he is selfless and would do anything for me and my sister. He also has a very corny sense of humor and can make literally anyone laugh."

Landen, our second runner-up, writes "My dad is the best because he spends every second he can with my family, and he is always telling jokes and he teaches me a lot and he helps me become a better person because of that and I wouldn't have it any other way." Jordyn, the first runner-up, says "My dad is the best because he loves me and takes care of me, and we have fun every day. If he was not my dad, I don't know what I would do with my life!"

Gabriel, our contest winner, says "My dad is the best because he always makes me laugh and if I am stressed with something, he lightens the mood with his joke."

All our winners received gift cards to Academy. Each and every response we got was heartfelt, and each person who gave us an entry should be proud. As for you dads–we hope you had an incredible Father's Day! Keep on being who you are.

Happy Father's Day from Vaughan & Vaughan!

As an orthodontics practice that was a father-daughter business for many years, Father's Day holds a special place in our hearts at Vaughan & Vaughan. Our Corpus Christi orthodontist office was founded by Dr. O. B. Vaughan, Dr. Janet Vaughan's father and mentor.

Writing about her father, Dr. Janet says:

My dad had the unusual combination of faith, excellence, service and determination. However, even as president of many orthodontic and civic organizations—plus a busy practice—he always made time to listen to me and help me growing up with all the “problems,” large or small. He deeply believed in me and encouraged me to give 150% in whatever I attempted tirelessly—and to never accept defeat.

As a young child, I can distinctly remember him telling me, ”You can have anything you want if you are willing to work hard and pay the price.” Secondly, I was told to always “be the best” at whatever came my way. That work ethic stayed with me in 1.) striving to be an orthodontist who provided excellence and 2.) winning #1 in the nation in the Dance World.

My dad gave me my first job in his office, making cotton q-tips and cleaning the lab, at age 9 because I very much wanted a horse, and he didn’t believe in buying expensive items for his children. I was taught to save my money, not only the $100 for the horse, but also for an additional 6 months of board (food for the horse). So, 3 years later, I got my first horse. I not only gained a good work ethic, but I got to watch my future “partner” treat patients with compassion and gentleness.

Lastly, he taught me to have sympathy toward the patients—and often gave away free treatment to orphans with “crooked teeth” and no chance for orthodontics, particularly at South Texas Children’s Home. Later, he gave this foundation a special Library/ Computer center at the Home to encourage the children in their education. I am very proud to call him my dad and to me, he was the “Best Dad” ever.

Dr. O. B. Vaughan's legacy as a father and orthodontist is evident in every patient we serve in his memory. We're proud to continue the work he started, in the same spirit of excellence and compassion he exemplified.