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The Winning Responses of Our Godiva Chocolate Mother's Day Contest!

Recently, our Corpus Christi orthodontics office put on a little Mother's Day contest. To enter, all you had to do was write a note about why your mom is the best. We collected dozens of sweet, heartfelt notes from people who wanted to show their moms a little gratitude. The prize of the contest was a set of beautiful Godiva chocolates for the mom of whomever won.

For Dr. Janet Vaughan, showing gratitude and appreciation for our mothers is about recognizing how our success and happiness often comes from what our moms do for us.

"Being a mom myself taught me that a mother's love is unconditional and eternal. The best reward a mother can have is to watch her children succeed in life and fulfill their dreams and think that maybe she made a difference for them that is lasting." — Janet

Read below to hear more from what our patients said about their mothers!

The Second Runner-Up

Young Carolina Ramos gave us a sweet letter she wrote to her mom:

"Dear Mom,

You are really happy. Even though we get you mad, you always find a way to find the good in everyone no matter what."

The First Runner-Up

Javier Lopez had a very direct, appreciative, and straightforward note for his mom:

"I have the best mom because she got me Invisalign instead of braces like my brothers."

Lesson for the future, moms: giving your kids Invisalign is a sure way to win their hearts.

The First-Place Response

The winner of our contest is Chloe Valdez, a patient of ours who had something beautiful to say about her mom:

"My mom is the best because she's supportive of everything I do. She respects me, she loves me, and she cares about me. She understands and accepts my emotions and decisions. Not only that, but she doesn't let me do anything too easily—she challenges me to make me grow stronger as a person.

Though it isn't always sunshine and rainbows, it's worth it to have her as my mother. She loves me, and I love her back.

Maybe I don't tell her that as much as I should, but I hope she knows I love her too."

Honorable Mentions

Our team invited our Facebook followers to talk about why they love their moms. Here are some of the best responses.

Andee Salinas says:

"My mom is the BEST MOM because without her, I wouldn’t be here. When I’m having a bad day or just need a shoulder to lean on and cry, she is always just one phone call or text away. I love how my mom and myself are so much alike in so many ways. Mom, I love you & thank you for being the awesome and amazing mother/grandmother that you are."

Patricia Deal flipped the script and wrote a Mother's Day note about her daughter:

"My daughter Jessica is a mother of four. She's always worked very hard all her life. She puts her children first, she works for a little bit off to make sure that they have what they need, and then makes ends meet. She's a very caring person."

Chris Silvas wanted to give Mom a shout-out for her unrelenting strength:

"My Mom is the best because despite her being handicapped all her life, she has always put us first then and even still now...From the little things and during trying times for any one of the four of us, she's always here for us, and now [for the] grandkids and great grand kids."

Thank you to all our patients and followers who participated in the contest—we hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!