“Dr. Vaughan suggested the new PROPEL Orthodontics, because it reduces treatment time by 60%. So we did the PROPEL procedure and we went with Invisalign®. What would have normally been 18 months turned out to be six months and I was done!
– Ronald Watson
“I had very crooked teeth on the bottom and misaligned teeth on the top since I was a child. Dr. Janet and I discussed braces, but Invisalign® was much better. We couldn't be happier; they did an amazing job!”
– Caroline Mauger & Emily
“The first time I met Dr. Vaughan, I was very comfortable with what she was telling me she could do and how quickly she could do it. She laid it all out and was very transparent. I got to choose what I preferred. It was great!”
– Erick Haag
“I thought I was getting too old to consider getting correction. I finally decided to consult with Dr. Vaughan and she encouraged me that with Invisalign® clear trays and with a procedure called PROPEL that would advance the timing of getting it corrected. I really didn’t have anything to lose. So I went for it.
– Rose Leavell
“We chose Dr. Vaughan for all her knowledge. Everyone is caring and loving, and they really, really treat your kid like they are #1! When they walk back in the office, all attention is on them and that is what matters the most as a parent.”
– Rosalie Watters & Andrew
“I loved the convenience of being able to take the aligners out completely when eating. I was extremely happy with my outcome. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends.
- Christina Wegmueller
“I knew I wanted to do Invisalign®. When I came in and explained to Dr. Vaughan what I hoped for, she was able to work out the treatment for me. I would never smile with my teeth because I was embarrassed. Now I feel like I'm able to smile and not be embarrassed!”
~ Maira Barillas
“Other places I went to were always ’hurry up, do this now, do this now.’ But they explained the treatment and how long it would take, and we went from there. I don’t think I would have gotten better treatment going to another orthodontist. They are a family here; they make you feel wanted, they make you feel welcome.”
~ Jeb Bougouneau
“I was lucky enough to get Invisalign®. It really helped me get my teeth back in shape. It didn’t take long and that’s what I liked about it—it was easy, smooth, and quick.
~ Caleb K
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