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Children's Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Corpus Christi

Invest in Early Treatment for Children

Many people receive orthodontic treatment as teenagers, but some children benefit from treatment as early as age seven or eight. At Vaughan & Vaughan, we recommend bringing your young child into our office for an orthodontal evaluation. Our Corpus Christi orthodontist can assess your child’s smile, look for any potential warning signs that he/she will need orthodontics, and advise you accordingly. We’ll walk you through every step of our recommended treatment, reviewing the cost, your insurance coverage, and the estimated timeline of treatment.

To learn more about early orthodontic treatment or to see if your child would benefit from treatment, call Vaughan & Vaughan at (361) 210-3481 today.

The Phases of Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Early treatment for children is known as phase one of the orthodontic process. The goal of phase one is to correct any jaw or bite problems and to make room for adult teeth to grow in properly. Phase two of the process usually begins at age 11 or older.

Does Your Child Need Early Orthodontic Treatment?

As a parent, you may be wondering whether your child’s smile needs orthodontic treatment. Your family dentist may not be equipped to properly assess your child’s smile and locate the warning signs that could be resolved with orthodontics. Vaughan & Vaughan offers free initial consultations so that you can get the advice you need to ensure your child grows up with a healthy smile.

Signs that your child might benefit from treatment include:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb sucking past age five
  • Speech impediments
  • Top and bottom teeth that extend away from each other (protruding teeth)
  • Crossbites
  • Crowding

The Benefits of Early Treatment

By age 13, most children have lost all of their baby teeth. As they reach their 20's, their jawbones have hardened and stopped growing. After the teenage years, orthodontic procedures can become more complex and time-consuming, sometimes requiring tooth extraction or oral surgery.

Providing children with early orthodontic treatment can help them avoid the complications of adult orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic problems can be inherited or caused by injury or thumb sucking – whatever the cause of your child’s oral health concerns, it is always wise to consult with a Corpus Christi orthodontist. Vaughan & Vaughan can conduct a thorough exam and discuss our recommendations for your child’s smile.

Contact us online or give us a call at (361) 210-3481 to schedule a free consultation regarding early orthodontic care for your child.

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