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Orthodontic Retention

Orthodontic Retention Services in Corpus Christi

Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful for Years to Come

Wearing braces isn’t so fun. Once they come off, life gets a lot easier. The final step in your orthodontic treatment is to keep your straight teeth in place so they don’t move, and this means wearing a retainer. At Vaughan & Vaughan, we offer different kinds of orthodontic retention options to help you feel your most comfortable as you keep your teeth straight for years to come. Call our Corpus Christi orthodontist today and schedule your free smile simulation to learn more.

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Choose the Right Retainer for You

Because no two people live the same kind of lifestyle, there are different kinds of retainers to accommodate each person. At Vaughan & Vaughan, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each type so you can keep your smile straight on your terms.

We offer custom-made retainers such as:

  • Traditional-style: You have probably seen one of these kinds of retainers in your life. Traditional retainers have a metal wire attached to an acrylic mold that matches the roof of your mouth and the contour of your gums. The benefit of a traditional retainer is your orthodontist’s ability to reshape the wire as needed.
  • Aligner-style: These clear, removable retainers fit over your teeth and are a less noticeable than traditional retainers, making them the natural choice for cosmetic preferences. We make a mold of your teeth at Vaughan & Vaughan, then mold these retainers to fit.
  • Bonded or fixed: Not interested in brushing your retainers separately or losing them? Fixed retainers keep your teeth straight permanently as they remain glued to the back of your bottom or back teeth. For many people, this style of retainer can be a simpler, more easily maintained solution.

Call Vaughan & Vaughan Today

With the help of a Corpus Christi orthodontist, you can learn more about the option that would work best for you. Whether you are looking to keep your smile with a nightly removable retainer or eliminate the headache with a fixed retainer, Vaughan & Vaughan can provide you with the smile evaluation you need to make the choice.

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