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Two-Phase Orthodontics

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments in Corpus Christi

Make Corrections Early to Avoid Costly Treatments Later

With advanced treatments available from Vaughan & Vaughan, we can now take measures to help your child have their best smile from a young age. By using advanced data to identify how fast a child’s jaw is growing, we can make suggestions early on for easy treatments that will allow teeth to grow in beautifully as they get older. Call our Corpus Christi orthodontist today to schedule a free smile evaluation for your child and get started on the right treatments for their needs.

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Benefits of Early Treatment

When children are young, their teeth begin forming and breaking through their gums to find their spot in the jaw. For many, this happens without much incident, but for others, their mouths can show early signs of problems.

Some problems we notice in young patients include:

  • Crowding teeth
  • Impacted areas where teeth cannot fully descend
  • Overly wide or narrow jaws

With early planning, it is possible to treat these problems and avoid them from becoming worse. Vaughan & Vaughan can help the jaw develop properly so your child’s teeth fill in without any trouble. These treatments are reserved for children over the age of six years old. Find out more by calling us today and scheduling a free smile evaluation.

What Happens in Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatments?

Phase one means taking a look at the child’s jaw to make sure teeth are filling in correctly. If they are not, it may mean removing some of them to avoid doing so later on. With over 50 years in practice, our Corpus Christi orthodontist is familiar with what looks healthy and what treatments work best.

Phase two takes place only after the child’s mouth has fully formed. We will keep an eye on it throughout (every six months) to make sure teeth grow in nicely. After that, we may recommend braces to move the teeth into their right place. Finally, your child will receive a retainer to help them maintain their beautiful smile.

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